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Take The Time

8 thoughts on “ Take The Time

  1. (It's time to take the time) There are no answers from voices above (It's time to take the time) You're fighting the weight of the world And no one can save you this time Close your eyes You can find all you need in your mind I close my eyes And feel the water rise around me Drown the bead of time Let my senses fall away I can see much clearer.
  2. Definition of take time 1: to need or require time to happen or be done You have to be patient. Things like this take time. It may take some time for the medication to wear off.
  3. At Take The Time, we believe your fears can be conquered and the workplace stigmas you face can be broken. But we also believe that change happens one father at a time. Today, it’s your turn. Don’t waste your opportunity!
  4. Select the cell in which you have the time stamp from which you want to remove the time Hold the Control key and then press the 1 key. This will open the Format Cells dialog box In the Format Cells dialog box, select the Number tab.
  5. Take the Time Lyrics. [Intro] Just let me catch my breath I've heard the promises. I've seen the mistakes. I've had my fair share of tough. Breaks. I need a new voice, a new law. A new way.
  6. Synonyms for take time at setosgirabrafaderdiawithsgimixo.coinfo with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for take time.
  7. To make an effort to spend enough time on something to do it properly or sufficiently. If you can't even take the time to read my emails, how can I expect you to follow my instructions? You need to take the time to roll out the dough, or else they won't bake properly. See also: take.

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